24/7 recording Outdoor Cameras

Hello Eufy Security!!

We need a plugged in with a backup battery 24/7 recording, car detection, 2K resolution, 2- way talk Outdoor Camera! All the features of the battery cameras with added car detection and plugged in for 24/7 recording! (Sort of like the indoor cams but for outdoors)


That’s entering the realm of professional monitoring with DVR, expensive and not likely worth the R&D for Eufy with that market saturated already. The consumer wireless market is where they’re aiming right now.

Yes I know. But for the Security part I thought maybe. They 24/7 recording cameras available right now are not super great. I thought Eufy could fill the gap. Maybe they can put their minds together and make a 24/7 recording camera that is battery powered. What is it had 2 cameras. One that recorded 24/7 in 360p which would not use as much battery and one that would switch to 1080p when motion was detected. Maybe 1 month battery life?

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Try to find a solar panel that will keep it charged so u can run the recording 24hrs. I have some arlo cameras connected to solar panels and I don’t worry about them. Finna get some eufy cameras to replace them plus i have a 1080p reolink wireless camera that came with the solar panel that has great night :crescent_moon: vision.

Great idea, not sure why this wouldn’t be wanted in the consumer space, but I for one would love this feature.

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Basically I’m asking Eufy Security to make a Outdoor Cam similar to the Indoor cams. I know they are going for a Wireless security but some of us still want 24/7 recording cameras. I think Eufy Security could do a good job with this!

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