2 out of 11 Eufycam2 cameras do not recognize need to update

Just added 2 Eufycam2 Pro cameras to system with 2x Homebase 2 units and 9 other Eufycam2 cameras. Noticed 2 of the older Eufycam2 units show System Version 1.9.3 and the others show 2.6.7. Both new Eufycam2 Pro units show System version 3.8.1.Have tried “forgetting” and “adding” the 2 with 1.9.3 but app indicates firmware is up to date. Neither home base 2 wants to update the two v1.9.3 cameras. That version lacks the motion detection option for human id. I am reluctant to factory reset everything if it means dismounting all 11 cameras in order to force an update to 2 cameras. Any suggestions?