2 or more Homebase 2?

Hi ,

Is it possible to use two or more Homebase 2 with the eufy security iOS app ?


Yes, you can use multiple homebases on one app. The catch is you can add devices on both homebases and the app will show them all, but things like automations, modes, and alarms don’t work across homebases. They only work for the devices associated with that homebase.

For example, you cannot switch two homebases from Home to Away with one command, you have to select each homebase and then switch it. Also, automations and alarms that work on one homebase won’t propagate to the other one.

Eufy is coming out with a newer homebase 3 that will supposedly take care of some of these issues, but the current Homebase 2 doesn’t have that functionality. The timeline for Homebase 3 was listed as sometime in 2021.

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