firmware bad, not recording video & no motion highlighting

I have a few eufy 2k indoor cams. I noticed

all of them don’t have the orange motion period highlighting in playback anymore, which support confirmed they removed this feature,


1 out of 6 cameras is no longer recording any history, 2 out of 6 are always only showing the last 2hrs of history, and the other 3 are fine.

There is no way to rollback to the old firmware. Why did eufy dev suddenly release garbage firmware? No issues in 2yrs.

I was literally on Amazon about to buy more eufy cams to replace my wyze cams, and had to remove them from my cart as I happened to check eufy app…

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U should Sent in feedback. few of them for each camera

It is the latest App causing the issues.

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The two recent updates form Eufy have been very poor my system used work ok until recently :roll_eyes: