1080p grade batt DB...POOR live view

The doorbell is taking an ETERNITY to connect for live view. The 2 - 2C cams work great. The doorbell SUCKS…here recently. Not sure if it’s firmware related or not.

Listen… I’m an alarm technician by trade and I Install alarms, camera’s (Wireless/CCTV),access control, etc. When I first found Eufycam cam I thought it was great. In a temporary living situation, I went wireless. IMHO…You want TRUE security then ditch wireless and go CCTV. Can still get push notifications and remote live view through CCTV. Anyways, I know the requirements to make wireless cams work (upload speed at the camera & signal strength). I have excellent upload & signal strength where the chime is plugged in with relation to where doorbell is. Today I unplugged the homebase and chime then I power cycled the mesh router. Reconnected and NO DIFFERENCE! Not sure what’s going on, but about ready to go back to Ring for the doorbell.