1080p Battery door Bell alarm

Hello just purchased the 1080p battery doorbell. So far I’m impressed, HOWEVER I would like the doorbell to take pictures/video in detection mode and send to my phone and for people able to use the doorbell like normal.

But every time someone uses doorbell and chimes, straight after the alarm goes ape s**t!

Can you turn the alarm off and still have the other features? If so could some one tell me how please as otherwise I’m going to return.

Thanks in advance

Yes you can do it’s on the settings eufy app

Josh, I believe this is the setting you want to turn off. Open the app and tap on the security shield on the lower right, a new window opens. There are a few settings like HOME / AWAY the one that is highlighted purple tap on that cogwheel to open its settings and then uncheck the box for Wi-Fi doorbell chime alarm.

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